Squarespace News - Summer 2016

There have been a few exciting updates to Squarespace recently.

Video Backgrounds

squarespace video background

Whilst you've always been able to easily add a video block to your site, you can now add a video background to your site. With the right footage and message, this can look just fabulous - and is so easy to implement.  Find out more.

Starter Layouts

Squarespace Starter Layouts

Adding a new page to your site just got even easier. When adding a page to your site you can now pick from a variety of page templates to help you structure your content. From galleries, to about pages,  Find out more

Improved Analytics

Improved Squarespace Analytics

Improved Squarespace Analytics

If you're not checking your stats, how can you know how well your website is working for you? When you're just starting out in business, you're often just happy to have an online presence and developing a marketing strategy can seen a bit daunting. However, knowing how effective your site is and analysing your website statistics are so important to the health of your business.

Although numbers aren't everything, analytics can help you set and track goals for your site by seeing which sites your traffic comes from, which pages or blog posts receive the greatest amount of interaction, and how long visitors are staying on your site.

Google Analytics is the industry standard for analysing your website traffic and is easily implemented into your Squarespace site (see how to do it here).  But for many small business owners it's can be too overwhelming to understand. Squarespace includes a robust, useful, more user friendly way to see and understand your statistics. It's a great start, then when you're more familiar with using your analytics when planning your marketing strategy, you can move up to Google. I set all my clients up with Google Analytics from the get-go, this means that traffic is being recorded - even if they don't yet do anything with the info.

For users on the Business & Commerce plans, recent updates have improved what data is available in Squarespace Analytics and how to view it. Find out more here & here.

Yes, I know if I think this is exciting maybe I need to get out more! - but one of the reasons I like working on Squarespace is that there's this huge team of geeks and designers in the background working to make Squarespace the best it can be. Like many tech companies, you never quite know what they're going to bring out - so it's fun getting these announcements...

Emma George