Squarespace Cover Pages

One of the great features of Squarespace are their cover pages. These are stand alone pages on your website and can be used in a variety of ways...

Are you launching a new product or service?

You can use a cover page as a coming soon announcement for a new product or service you are launching.

squarespace cover page

If the program or service is not ready yet, you can start collecting emails from anyone who might be interested. Share this link on social media or on your blog and means that when you are reading to launch, you’ve got an email list to send to. It is so easy to do - all you need is a background image.

Is your website under construction?

Another use is as a landing page whilst your website is under construction. For my website clients as soon as we have the domains registered, I create a landing page for them. For example I'm creating the website for a wonderful yoga teacher, dance artist and advocate for the elderly. Whilst the site is being developed I put up this page which has her contact details and an email subscription form. 

Paula Turner - Website Coming Soon Page

Other uses for cover pages could be to:

  • promote an exhibition or charity event you may be involved in

  • promote an opt-in offer to encourage people to sign-up for your newsletter

  • announce a new branch

The design of cover pages is separate from the rest of your site and Squarespace have just announced 14 new cover page templates. They also have this tutorial on how to add one to your Squarespace site. They're really versatile and included in your normal Squarespace subscription, no plugins or special code require.

how to use squarespace cover pages